Scotch Corner Designer VillageScotch Corner Designer Village


committed to being a leading sustainable destination

Sustainability Statement

Key commitments include

  1. Carbon Neutral Designer Village from Day 1
  2. Carbon neutral guest travel, funding major global offsetting projects in India and Brazil
  3. 100% renewable energy
  4. Zero waste
  5. Supporting 8 UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Our core values

  1. Create a low-carbon, sustainable shopping and leisure destination
  2. Enhance the local communities we serve
  3. Achieve high sustainability standards in line with our guests’ expectations

Scotch Corner’s Sustainability Statement builds upon the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and commits to integrating sustainability across five key pillars: Environment, Guests, Communities, Colleagues and Retailers. Scotch Corner views sustainability as a continuous process, seeking to improve as we engage with key stakeholders.

We are responsible for implementing and maintaining the Commitments in our Sustainability Statement and will review them and publish a Progress Report on an annual basis.

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Scotch Corner Designer Village is committed to being a leading sustainable destination. We are supporting three global environmental projects with substantial funds through our offsetting programme; the Jari Valley REDD+ project in Brazil, and the Mytrah Wind Power and Bhadla Solar Power projects in India.

Jari Valley Project
Jari Valley Project
Jari Valley Project